Extraction –

Our extraction process utilizes food grade alcohol as the solvent to remove cannabinoids from our dried and milled hemp. The slurry solution is ran through a centrifuge to separate solids from liquids. The spent hemp (extracted hemp biomass) is used a compost base for making hemp-based nutrients for our soil. The cannabinoid alcohol liquid is distilled and cleaned to a refined crude. Next we purify the crude using additional distillation runs to achieve and 80+% CBD distillate. It’s during these distillations we pull out our hemp based terpenes. We are now ready to isolate CBD from the distillate.

Food grade alcohol and food grade pentane are used as solvents to fraction the CBD away from the rest of the constituents. The crystallization process begins to occur because of the purity of the formulation. Vacuum and rotational energy speed up crystallization and once complete, evaporates the solvent from the crystallized CBD. The crystals are pulverized to achieve nanoparticulation of the CBD isolate powder which aids absorption and helps during the formulation process (increased solubility and dosing control).