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CanBMD is a full service CBD company working exclusively with doctors offices to provide the highest quality CBD products for your patients. By hosting our products in your office you take advantage of an opportunity to gain revenue from every sale. There are no requirements to maintain stock of our products in order to remain enrolled in our programs. We will assign a code to your office that will allow your patients the ability to reorder their favorite items online and your profit percentage is the same as if they bought it in your office!



CanBMD has a new variety kit available top help you launch CBD sales in office or explore new product styles to aid your patients. 

The variety in this kit gives you the chance to see what products will be the most advantageous to your practice and restock only the items that benefit your office the most. Your launch Kit includes 32 full size products which includes a variety of strengths in ingestible CBD drops, topical products, and superfood mixes. You will also receive several sets of travel size mini kits for those who wish to try multiple products, need them on their travels, or on their person or in their office.  

This kit features an array of full size products along with marketing materials and educational information to help your office understand our product line. We aim to help you offer the most productive care for your patients, which starts with knowledge. Our continued education book covers the basics of CBD and the endocannabinoid system. It includes the latest information on dosing and effectiveness as well as information on our products and manufacturing.

CanBMD clarifies and explains what your team needs to know so you can, in turn, teach your patients. We include pamphlets that outline relevant information and product details for you to pass on to your patients. They can take this home, along with a business card featuring your personal office code that allows them to reorder their product online, at a discount, and still enable you to earn on each sale.

Shop now or Contact your CanBMD representative to order your kit today: