CBD Oil Promotes Better Sleep

CBD Oil Promotes Better Sleep

In past articles we discussed how CBD oil has an anxiolytic effect by interacting with 5-HT1A serotonin receptor and the GABA-A receptor. Thus, CBD oil produces a state of calmness and also acts as an anti-depressant. This anxiolytic affect is also useful when resting and trying to fall asleep.

Let’s talk a little more about this anxiolytic effect and thought patterns called “automatic negative thoughts” or “ANTS” for short. ANTS are thoughts generated by our brain which produce a depressive and anxious state. These ANTS are widely responsible for sleep deprivation, anxiety and depression. Many times these thoughts cause us to toss and turn for hours on end during the night. Turning off these thoughts is crucial to falling asleep and staying asleep for many people.

Many people turn to pharmaceutical sleep agents which tend to shut ANTS off but at a very costly price. Agents like antihistamines calm ANTS but prevent us from developing REM sleep. Other agents like benzodiazepines are also anxiolytic and may induce sleep but are highly addictive and also prevent REM sleep. Melatonin only programs our brain to try to sleep but does nothing for ANTS.

CBD oil taken thirty minutes prior to sleep causes a state of calmness and turns off ANTS through the above mentioned receptors. This allows us to fall asleep more naturally and progress into REM for more restful sleep. Preliminary research shows “CBD oil does not interfere with the sleep cycle of healthy volunteers and does not alter normal sleep architecture”1.

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Feb 18th 2019 Maciej (Matt) Ferenc DO FACOEP

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