CBD Oil and Physical Activity Recovery

CBD Oil and Physical Activity Recovery

2018 ended pretty quickly and 2019 is here. Many individuals have taken 2019 by the horns and ran fast out of the gate in hopes of developing new healthy habits. People made New Year’s resolutions incorporating athletic sports, weight training and cardiovascular fitness in order to develop a healthy lifestyle. By tackling these new physical activities comes a price sometimes. Simple muscle strains, joint issues, neck and back strains are all too common when first trying to incorporate new physical activities. Without proper warm ups, cool downs, stretching and times of active recovery, we develop muscle and joint fatigue, overuse syndromes and overtraining syndromes. Balancing activity and rest is the key to a new healthy style, but sometimes we need some help preventing problems. And if they do arise we need to stop them in their tracks in order to continue on our healthy lifestyle goal. 

As I said, proper warm ups, cool downs, stretching and times of active recovery are the key to preventing injuries and overuse syndromes but we could also take the next step. Proper nutrition and key natural elements may help mitigate injury patterns. If they do arise, nutrients and natural phyto-chemicals can help us to recover more quickly from them. One such element is CBD oil. CBD oil made from the cannabis plant species has properties that help prevent injuries and over use syndromes but also help recover from them once they have occurred.

Strenuous exercise such as sprints and HIIT’s increases cortisol levels and stay elevated even after the exercise is complete. Cortisol causes tissues to breakdown and can cause significant negative effects on physical health. Research has found that CBD oil taken internally, “significantly decreases cortisol levels by interfering with its secretion.”1 This decrease in cortisol lowers the stress of the exercise, increases its benefit and the recovery from it. Lower cortisol levels also mean greater joint protection and more muscle sparing and building capabilities.

Injuries and muscle soreness can also occur after strenuous sessions. Direct application of CBD in the form a salve which may also have other elements in it helps to reduce muscle and join soreness. CBD influences the TRPV1 receptor which is known to “mediate pain perception, inflammation and body temperature”.2. Applying CBD salve to an area of soreness and inflammation helps to combat those pain perceptions and lead to a decrease in inflammation.

So as you go and tackle your New Year’s healthy resolutions, keep in mind that CBD oil in its oral and transdermal form can help power through those rigorous workouts while maintaining a healthy state. Use them as a pre-workout or a post-workout or both for maximum protection and pain relief.


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Jan 12th 2019 Maciej (Matt) Ferenc DO FACOEP

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